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Never rented or driven a boat?

No one was born driving a boat! Many of Just for Fun’s customers are first time renters and drivers. At Just For Fun we believe everyone (18 years of age with valid I.D.) should be able to learn how to operate a boat in a safe and enjoyable manner. We will never take your money, toss you the keys, and wish you good luck. Your Safety is our First and Foremost Concern. All Just For Fun Dock Associates have a Texas Parks & Wildlife Boater Certification and Just For Fun’s own training to assure that you receive all the information and instruction you need to safely operate a boat. Whether it is your first or tenth time to rent a boat at Just For Fun, the knowledgeable and experienced staff will thoroughly explain and answer any questions regarding boating laws, safety rules, and the operation of the boat with you and your group prior to departure – each and every time. Please remember to take your cell phone with you so you can call us with any questions during your outing.

Are You Still feeling a little uneasy? Then take a long lunch, half a day, or an entire day off work and come out to the lake during the week. There is far less traffic on the lake on any given weekday - which also means plenty of room to practice operating and maneuvering with far less distractions. It’s the absolute perfect time as a beginner to familiarize yourself with operating a boat, to learn the lay of the lake, and get a feel for what you’re doing. We are open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to sunset. Here’s one more reason to come out during the week – we offer 10% off the general equipment rental in addition to the 4 and 8 hour discounted rates, valid Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays.

Why Rent Instead of Buying a Boat?

  • Simple Economics – For most people, it is much cheaper to rent a boat rather than to buy one. Add up the cost of buying the boat: interest payments, paying for all the equipment, fuel, oil, insurance, license and registration, repairs, and storage issues – it all totals a pretty big price tag. With Just For Fun, you only pay when you want to enjoy the boat.
  • Choice – When renting with Just For Fun, you can pick the type of watercraft you want to use on any given day – Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats, Waverunners, or Party Boats on either Lake Lewisville or Lake Grapevine.
  • Convenience - You never have to wait for your turn to launch a boat on a busy public ramp. All Just For Fun Watercraft are on the water ready to go, so there isn’t any of the nonsense of meeting here, and towing there, paying expensive park entrance fees on top of the rental fees, etc. Each Just For Fun location is on the lake and easily accessible from anywhere in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.